SyncFab works with leading medical devices parts manufacturers that have done work with companies large and small. Our blockchain technology helps secure data within supply chains and dynamically scale manufacturing capacity. Medical devices companies and defense contractors can build a more agile supply chain with SyncFab so they can focus on their business.

Medical Device Manufacturing Capabilities

We can help your team in the following ways today. Contact us for more information.

Certified Capacity

Our distributed machining network has industry certification to meet highest quality standards.

Documentation Security

All transactions and documentation changes arte logged in a immutable blockchain ledger

Specialized Capabilities

We can provide specialized services such as large envelope machining and electron beam welding.

How It Works


Access Manufacturing Capacity

Get the best quotes from a pre-qualified manufacturing network when you need it.


Secure Blockchain Order Process

All your PO documents in one place! Securely stored on our proprietary Blockchain platform.


End-To-End Visibility

Control your supply chain with transparent order tracking allowing better exceptions handling.

Begin manufacturing parts today!